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Drywall Repair

Ceiling drywall damage results from water leaks or a foot through the sheetrock. Wall drywall is from flooding, holes, popping nail
or furniture.
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Siding Repair

Wood siding, door and window trim will dry rot at some point. Age, lack of gutters, the humidity or squirrels gnawing at the wood.
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Roof Repair

Roof maintenance saves money. Seal pipes, replace missing shingles, clean gutters and cutting branches over the roof. Is a lot cheaper than fixing repairs after it leaks.

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Bathroom Repair

Most bathroom and shower repairs are leaks from plumbing, cracked grout or caulking.
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Fire Damage Repair

After a house fire, deciding what to do becomes overwhelming. Save time, let us arm you with important helpful information.
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Flooring Repair

Top 5 common floor repairs. Sagging floors, squeaking, water damage, not enough support and loose uneven tiles.

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Water Damage Restoration

It doesn’t matter if the water damaged has occurred in one area or many rooms throughout the house. Asking the right questions to avoid getting scammed. As a result, having to fire your contractor before the project is complete.

The main priority of Houston Home Repair Service is to help make the process for you as painless as possible considering the circumstances.

Whether you need home repairs or have property damage caused by a storm, fire or flooding, rest assured we can help.

We work directly with your insurance to return calls, send pictures, answer the many questions they’ll have and email required documents to get your claim paid.

Another challenge homeowners are faced with is how to find the right Houston contractor to repair their home.

I assume if you’re reading this, you are faced with finding a company or contractor for your project.

The 3 Biggest Fears Homeowners Have When Hiring A Contractor Is:

  • Getting ripped off
  • Being stuck with shoddy work
  • Contractor not finishing the job

If I wasn’t a General Contractor, I would have the same concerns.

It doesn’t matter if its property damage, or you finally have the money to repair or renovate your home, selecting a company is stressful.

Many homeowners select a contractor on price and then wonder why the quality of work is lacking, their ability to move the project along in a timely manner is challenging, or something as simple as showing up to work on a daily basis becomes a problem.

When choosing a contractor to repair or renovate your home finding the lowest bid should not be your main priority.

Before calling a contractor to restore your home you should have at the very least, a written list of questions that you will be asking in the meeting. Click here to get 9 questions to ask when meeting with a contractor.