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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration- 9 Questions To Ask A Contractor



After being able to assess the your water damage Houston home, the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours researching the renovation process.

The Goal of Houston Home Repair Service Is:

  • Save You Time

  • Share Relevant Information

  • Provide Questions to Ask When Meeting Contractors

  • Help Get Your Property Restored as Fast as Possible

  • Reduce Your Changes of Getting Scammed During the Process

Understanding the process, instead of taking a stab in the dark, helps you make an informed decision. Not only will you have an understanding of the process, it’ll also become easier to discover the contractor that’s right for you.

3 Mistakes To Avoid Before Meeting a Contractor

  • Not having a written list of questions to ask when meeting with a contractor, instead of “winging it” during the appointment

  • Not asking every contractor the same questions in each meeting.                                                 and will usually realize later (when they’re not happy) they “assumed” the contractor who they hired had the same amount of insurance, warranty or protocol for unforeseen repairs.

  • Relying on your memory and not writing down the contractor answers. You should have folder that contains a notepad with all the contractors answers for your project.

The restoration process becomes overwhelming fast.

Scheduling appointments, contractors no- shows, leads to frustration…

And out of frustration… homeowners ignore the red flags and base their decision on price.

Asking the right questions and being prepared may lead to finding the right contractor to repair your fire, storm or flood damaged home in Houston.

to restore your property damaged home in Houston, Cypress, Katy, Spring, Missouri City, and Kingwood, TX.

9 Questions To Ask When Meeting A Contractor

1: Have you restored a storm or flood damage home in Houston?

There is a big difference between hiring a handyman (someone that does small repairs) vs. a contractor that is experienced with storm or flood damaged renovations. Imagine having the renovations completed and a week later the odor, stains or mold start bleeding through your freshly painted walls.

2. What are the City of Houston requirements for the renovation process?

A storm or flood damaged property may required permits from the City of Houston based on the work needed to restore your home. Your mortgage and insurance company may request proof of permits (if required) for any storm or flood repairs performed on the home to add to your file.

3. What is the home restoration process?

An experienced contractor should be able to provide specific information on how the process will go based on previous customer’s projects. It’s not realistic to expect a detailed time schedule in the initial meeting. Pay close attention to their answers. Are they giving vague answers, avoiding the question or just saying “Yes” I can do the work without explaining how?

4. Do you work with insurance companies?

Working with insurance companies will delay the work progress and add time to project because of the required  inspection intervals and scheduling constraints posed by the insurance company. And if a mortgage company requires inspections, expect additional delays.

5. Who will handle the scheduling of inspections?

Is your contractor comfortable with handling this for you, or will this be your responsibility? After the project has started finding, the last thing you want to discover is this task is your responsibility. As simple as this task seems, it is a big time suck and will chew up a big portion of your day, hence many contractor’s don’t like to be bothered with this task!

6. References?

This goes without saying. Getting references from past customer’s from a year ago can be better than a job they just finished. Why? A customer that had work completed a year ago speaks to the quality of work performed by the contractor. You can rest assured if there were any issues after the project was completed, they were taken care of, otherwise they wouldn’t be a reference. On a large renovation project a few tweaks or touch ups are common once the homeowner has moved back into the space.

7. How long is the warranty and what does it cover?

Make sure you have a clear understanding of what labor the warranty covers. For example, if the project includes matching the texture and 3 months later, you noticed an small area where texture is different. Does the warranty include the contractor coming back to re-texture the area or will you be charged?

8. Are you insured?

It amazes me how many homeowners ask and the contractor that question, they say “Yes” and that’s the end of it. Whatever contractor you hire to do the property damage repairs, always get a copy of their insurance.

9. Specialty Contractor or General Contractor?

This is a question only you can answer honestly and make the best decision that’s right for you. Many homeowners try to save money by hiring the specialty trades needed for their project themselves.

If you have the time to meet with 2-3 contractor’s per trade, don’t mind researching the City of Houston permit requirements, coordinating multiple trades and creating a schedule for your project, going the individual specialty  contractor route, might be a good fit for you.

If your main concern is getting your house restored and back to a normal daily routine as quickly as possible, a General Contractor is the way to go. Having 1 person be your point of contact to answer any questions or concerns that arise throughout the process, helps eliminate a lot of frustrations and miscommunication that occurs with multiple trades. Make sure to chose a General Contractor that personally inspects their project daily, pull permits, handle inspections, coordinate specialty trades, correspond with your insurance company and create a project timeline for your home renovation.

Common sense goes a long way when selecting a contractor for your property damage renovation. Trust your instinct and don’t select a contractor based on the lowest bid. The key to having a good remodeling experience and finding the reputable contractor is communication.

Remember if a contractor is not very responsive and it always takes a couple days for them to return your call or reply to a message, what do you think it will be like after they have your money!

We provide the following storm and flood property damage services to homeowners in Houston:

We work with your insurance company.

City of Houston permits and inspections.

Roofing- Repair, patch or Re roof.

Framing- Interior and exterior walls.

Insulation- Attic and wall removal and new installation.

Drywall- Cut wet or molded drywall 1ft- 4ft high and new installation.

Texture- Matching your existing texture.

Painting- Interior walls, ceiling, doors, trim and baseboards and exterior painting.

Siding- Wood siding, Hardi plank and all types of siding.

Cabinets- Installation, staining, re-finishing or painting.

Flooring- Remove storm or flood damaged floors, install carpet, tile, hardwood or laminate flooring.