Siding Repair Houston

Siding Repair and Replacement Houston,TX


Houston homes need siding repair from rotten wood. Age, lack of gutters, humidity or pesky squirrels gnawing at the wood are big problems.
Majority of the windows and doors are wood trim and need replacement too.

Many homeowners would prefer to remove and replace their old siding with hardiplank but that thing called “life” prevents them from doing so. You know the expenses associated with kids, vehicles, monthly household bills, the unexpected, etc. etc. Now it’s spring and whether you received a HOA letter or decided to walk the exterior of your house, the inevitable happens.. rotten siding. Urghhh!

No big deal, you’ll call some contractors and have the entire exterior siding replaced. After being in sticker shock from the quotes you’ve received, you’re now racking your brain to come up with a solution to cover the rotten boards or the big hole in your soffit that’s two stories high.

And that my friend is why we do siding repair!

Most homeowners have 2 options when cost is an issue. Replace the whole house siding or repair damaged sections.

Below Are Answers to The Top 7 Siding FAQ’s

1: How do we repair your siding?

We will measure your existing siding height and width, cut sections and install the new siding.

2. My siding is old, what will you do if they don’t sell it anymore?

We’ll 1st check with our specialty lumber yards and if they can’t find it we go to plan B. This is a common problem with older homes and we usually recommend replacing the rotten area with hardiplank or wood that’s close in width.

3. Will you paint the siding?

Yes. After the siding is installed the new areas are caulked and touched up with paint.

4. Will the paint match?

The paint is matched from a piece of old siding. Depending on the age of the paint, fading from the sun and color of your house, and paint sheen, the new area may not match exactly, but it will be close.

5. Will I need insulation?

Once the rotten siding is removed, you will be advised if more insulation or moisture barrier is needed.

6. How long will the repair take?

Depending on the amount of siding that needs to be replaced, most repairs average 1 to 2 days.

9. Do you work by the hour?

No. We work by the project.

Siding replacement looks easy. And for an experienced specialty skilled contractor with the right tools, it is!
We have repaired several siding jobs in Houston, Cypress and Katy by inexperience contractors.

The bad installation created leaks  from placing nails in the wrong part of the siding and using incorrect nails.