Roof Repair

Roofing Repair Cypress,TX- Replaced roof decking, black paper and composition shingles.

Roof Repair Services Houston

Houston Home Repair Service provides quality roof repairs or a full roof replacement. We specialize in composition shingles.  

Roof maintenance performed regularly allows many small items to get fixed before turning into thousands of dollars in damage. Making sure gutters are fastened, caulking pipes and replacing damaged shingles.

Also check the fascia (wood trim under shingles) for rotten wood. Performing these simple maintenance tips will save you money in costly repairs later.

We provide reliable roofing repair services for any of the common problems listed below.

Common Roof Leak Problems

✔ Sealing leaks around roof pipes and vents
✔ Damaged or missing composition shingles replacement
✔ Replace damaged decking (plywood) sections or full roof
✔ Replace metal flashing