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Flooring Repair

Houston Flooring Repair Services


Houston Flooring Repair Services for you home or office.

Our expert flooring contractors specialize in laminate floors, engineered wood floors, hardwood floor refinishing, and subfloor repairs and installation.

The popular flooring choice with Houston Home Repair Service customer’s when replacing carpet is hardwood or laminate.

Gone are the days of carpet in bedrooms, living room and stairs.

Dust, pollen, pet dander allergens are eliminated when carpet is removed.

Hardwood and Laminate floors are a better fit for today’s lifestyle.

They’re more durable, timeless, have a better resale value and easier to clean.

Over the years a floor will need repairs from day to day wear, water damage, warping, peaking, buckling or fading.

Available Floor Repair Services for the following Houston and Surrounding Areas


Laminate Flooring Repair and Installation Services For:

  • Peaking, Buckling
  • Gaps In Planks
  • Scratches, Dents, Gouges
  • New Laminate Glue Down Or Floating Flooring Installation
installing floating laminate flooring houston

Flooring repair from shoddy work. Floating laminate flooring installation in Houston, Memorial area.


3 Common Laminate Flooring Issues 

  • No Expansion– When laminate doesn’t have room to expand along the walls and doorway, the result is peaking, gaps or buckling.
  • No Transition Molding– No T-molding used when transitioning between 2 floors or doorways. An expert flooring contractor would avoid making these labor installation mistakes.
  • Water Damage- The other issue is water damage from mopping, spills, water leaks or using the wrong cleaning products.


Hardwood Floor Repair and Installation Services For:

  • Warped Or Buckling Wood
  • Wood Floor Refinishing
  • Scratches, Dents, Gouges
  • Engineered Wood



Glue down hardwood flooring installed in Houston

2nd Floor subfloor installation. Engineered hardwood flooring, baseboard installation and painting Houston Heights.


4 Common Hardwood Floor Issues

  • Buckling- is caused by the wood being installed too close to the edge of the walls and around the doorways. The planks need space to expand.
  • Water damage- is a hardwood floor enemy. Leaks, mopping with water and spills will cause the planks to lift, buckle or warp.
  • Worn sections- wear patterns are common in high traffic areas and stairs. The floors will dull, fade or the finish wears off.
  • Cosmetic imperfections- scratches, dents or gouges.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing


Refinishing hardwood flooring from storm water damage in Houston

Hardwood flooring repair Houston, Galleria from storm water damage. Installed missing planks, fixed dents, nailed loose boards and refinished floors.


Hardwood floor refinishing is a common issue in older Houston homes.

Over time the floors take a beating, become worn, will squeak and need to be brought back to life.

Real wood offers character, uniqueness and timeless beauty that an engineered hardwood can’t match.

Those reasons are why many people decide to keep their floors and have them sanded, stained and finished with polyurethane.

Let Houston Home Repair Service make your floors look new again.


Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services For:

  • Scratches, dents and gouges
  • Loose or lifted floor planks
  • Gaps or missing planks
  • Worn wear areas
  • Faded or damaged wood
  • Water damage



Subfloor Repair and Installation Services For:

  • Rotten floor joists
  • Uneven or sunken floor areas
  • Rotten or molded plywood replacement
  • Spongy floor along tub
  • Loose or rocking toilet


Repaired rotten, squeaky and warped floor joist and subfloor houston

Houston heights home needed subfloor repair from sagging, warped and rotten floor joists. New subfloor installed after floor joists were fixed.


The common reason for subfloor damage is water.

Leaks from tub/shower combo, toilets, sinks, dishwasher and washing machines.

Whether a busted pipe or an undetected slow leak the area retains moisture.

By the time the signs are visible, the damage is done!

Houston Home Repair Service are expert floor contractors specializing in flooring repair and installation.

We’ll do such as good job… you, your family and friends will be impressed!

We are very pleased with the floors.
I am equally impressed that Carlos takes so much pride in his work.
I sincerely appreciate his attention to detail.

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