Drywall Repair


3 Tips to Reduce Drywall Damage to Ceilings and Walls


Drywall ceiling and wall damage from a water heater, washing machine or door knob holes are common in Houston.

Sheetrock on the walls take a beating because it’s a widely used material throughout your home. At some point majority of the people will need at the very least a repair or patch for a hole in a wall caused by a door knob, electrical installation, moving furniture… the list goes on.


Below are 3 simple preventive tips to minimize drywall damage to walls and ceilings.


Ceiling Drywall Repair Caused by Water Heaters in the Attic

Ceiling leaks are a common problem in Houston due to water heaters being installed in the attic. A quick routine check of your water heater pan to make sure it doesn’t have water can save you an unexpected repair cost.

Don’t have a pan?

Adding a $20 aluminum pan underneath to catch the overflow may save you thousands in repairs. Having a drain pan under the water heater will contain small leaks and can give you a warning that there is a problem before more damage is caused.


Tips to Reduce Drywall Ceiling Repairs Caused by Water Heaters

✔ It’s worth the investment to have an aluminum water heater pan installed.
✔ Connect to a drain line to avoid any standing water from sitting in pan.
Once a drain pan fills up, the pool of water goes somewhere… down your ceiling!


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Ceiling Drywall Repair Caused by 2nd Floor Washing Machine

Another disaster waiting to happen are washing machines installed on the 2nd floor without a drain pan. A washing machine can dump gallons of water onto your floor from a busted hose fast. 

1st floor laundry room near an adjoining room with carpet, hardwood or laminate flooring, taking preventative measurements is highly recommended.


Tips to Reduce Drywall Ceiling Repairs Caused by Water Heaters

✔ Replace rubber hoses with $30 steel braided no burst washing machines hoses.                                          

✔ Install a metal pan with a hole cut out, under the washing machine

✔Connect hose to a floor drain or pipe to help channel the water if a hose breaks.


Drywall Repair for Walls

Sheetrock on the walls take a beating in a house. Water from a flood or leak. Scratches caused by sofas and chairs too close to the wall. Moving heavy furniture, hanging objects on the wall, or nails popping through the drywall. Holes from door knobs constantly hitting the same spot are also a common.


Tips to Reduce Drywall Repair for Walls

✔ A $2 doorstop is a lot cheaper than the minimum labor charge to repair door knob hole.

✔ Wrap large pieces of furniture in a thick blanket before moving to prevent scratching the walls.                                                                 

✔ Hang heavy objects into a stud and use drywall wall anchors for support on the hollow area.