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Repair Services

When the unexpected happens it’s natural to panic and immediately think about how much will this repair cost. Every homeowner has been faced with the same worries and concerns. This is why it’s important to not make the situation worst by selecting a contractor solely on price.

The goal should be to get a quality repair the 1st time so you only have to do it once. Case in point, I’m amazed by how many drywall repairs we fixed that were “cheap” compared to the other bids. There’s a reason why…the work looks terrible. Heck, I can install a piece of drywall and tape and float, but I guarantee you, no matter how many hours I spend, it’s still going to look like a 2 year old did it! And I’m in the business!

What’s even more shocking is the difference in bids were less than $150. Trust me I know money doesn’t grow on trees! When a repair is so terrible that you’re tired of looking at it and pay another contractor to come in and fix it, the total amount out of pocket ends up being double if not more than getting it fixed by a skilled worker the 1st time.

Moral of the story, cheap is not always good. And majority of the time you get what you pay for. Every now and then you’ll get lucky in construction and find a skilled contractor that has low balled everyone else, but I guarantee you if call 1 year later, the phone will be disconnected.