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Houston Bathroom Remodel or Repair- 7 Signs Of A Water Leak


One of the main causes for a Houston bathroom remodel and repair is water leaks. A shower leak behind the wall, a leaking window inside the shower, or a leaky shower pan. Listed below are the common 7 signs to help you discover if your bathroom has a water leak.

The average bathroom life span is 15 to 20 years. Around the 15 year mark the space becomes outdated and signs of water leaks may be present.

The costly mistake homeowners make is ignoring leaks. Water leaks don’t go away when you ignore them. They get bigger, cause more damage and expensive repairs. It would be nice if your bathroom lasted forever, but the reality is, a remodel or repair will be necessary at some point!

Shower remodel Houston

Houston bathroom remodel from a shower leak behind wall and a leaking window, caused dry rot 2×4’s, insulation and sub floor damage.

Paying attention to little details and addressing leaks immediately, can save you thousands in bathroom repairs!

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12x24 Porcelain shower tile with mosaic design        Walk-in, curbless, aging in place shower design     Custom tub to shower conversion, aging in place shower design     Shower remodel with porcelain tile and mosaic accent

Bathroom vanity with granite countertop installation  Soaker tub and porcelain tile installation cypress, tx  Vanity, granite countertop and bowl sink vanity install houston

Not sure if you have a problem? Common 7 signs of hidden water leaks that lead to a remodel are listed below.

7 Signs Of Hidden Bathroom Water Leaks


1. A shower head with a slow drip may be leaking water behind the wall.

2. Cracked grout or caulking in the shower, tub, corners, or bath floor is from moisture or water.

3. Loose floor tiles around the toilet or bath tub is a sign of a water leak.

4. Water spots on the bathroom drywall is from a leak or poor ventilation.

5. Shower doors that don’t close properly allows water to run on the floor and drain somewhere.

6. Loose, rotten sections or warped baseboards is from water draining behind the wood.

7. Dry rot on door trim is a sign of shower leak behind the wall.


Bathroom remodel and repair, Houston

Shower leak behind wall, shower door not closing properly caused loose floor tiles and sub floor damage.


Small cracks in grout and caulking lead to dry rot behind bath tub walls. Water draining through the cracks loosened the ceramic tiles, and caused mildew stains.

Ignoring the problem made things worst. Removing the tile revealed unforeseen wood dry rot.

The wall was re-framed with 2×4’s, insulation and waterproofing, before bath tub and marble tile installation.

Houston bathroom remodel

Loose tiles, mildew in corners, missing grout, or caulking, are common causes that lead to a Houston bathroom remodel and repair! 


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