Bathroom Repair

A common cause for a bathroom repair is water leaks. Leaks from plumbing in the walls, a window or roof will create an extensive amount of damage to your shower or bath tub area when they’re not discovered immediately. The average bathroom life cycle is 15 to 20 years. Around the 15 year mark the space will become out dated and signs of water leaks may be present.

Paying attention to little details can save you thousands in repairs!Bathroom Repair Houston, Tx

A shower head with a slow drip may be leaking water behind the wall

Cracked grout or caulking in the shower, tub, corners, or along the shower floor

Loose tiles around the toilet, bath tub or in the shower

Water spots on the bathroom drywall or an adjoining wall

Shower doors that don’t close properly are consistently allowing the water to go somewhere.

Loose or warped baseboards

Dry rot on door trim